Undaunted Courage
Undaunted Courage Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson and the Opening of the American West By Ambrose, Stephen E. Book - 1996

From background on Lewis' budding career as a young army officer to commission & co-command of the U.S. corps of discovery's historic expedition of what would become the United States. This book is filled with details on life in early 19th century North America, & the many challenges encountered by the people of the time.

Actual excerpts from letters of correspondence, journal entrees, coupled with vivid details of day to day living makes this title a lively read.

The shaping of the early United States, it's struggles, perils, defeats & triumphs are all illustrated in this finely written work by Mr. Stephen Ambrose.

One detail about this book that I enjoyed were the journal entrees.
Frequent misspelled words, sometimes the same word is spelled differently in the same paragraph. It gives a real sense of the era & education levels even amongst the privately educated.
Even President Thomas Jefferson misspelled words in his letters to Cpt. Lewis.

The focus is primarily on Cpt. Lewis before, during, & after the corps of discovery, but there's enough detail on co-captain (never official) W. Clark and the others to keep things interesting & balanced.

Overall, this title is well worth reading, especially if you have an affinity for history.

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