The Magnolia Sword
The Magnolia Sword A Ballad of Mulan By Thomas, Sherry Book - 2019

Review excerpt: "'The Magnolia Sword' also tackles concepts such as forgiveness, filial piety, honor, brotherhood, prejudice, the connection between literacy and how future generations will view the past, what it means to be a ‘barbarian,’ what it means to be ‘Chinese,’ and more. I was astounded that so many themes were addressed in a deft manner, but it works to an impressive degree. I’ve read the book two times now, and I’m still reflecting on how all these ideas connect to each other. I generally abhor the idea of analyzing themes in a book (too many high school English assignments!), but I really do think that 'The Magnolia Sword' is worth a reread to fully suss out the myriad interwoven threads."

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