How can something so well-intended go so very wrong?
Almost-thirteen-year-old Zoey and her two best friends, Bean and Jenna, decide to perform anonymous random acts of kindness in their school and community. The girls don't foresee any trouble ... why should they?
However instead of spreading joy, trouble and mayhem result - and plenty of it - when their well-meaning acts of kindness are misunderstood, backfire ... or are simply unwanted by the recipients. The simple act of raking someone's leaves (anonymously) is misunderstood and the police are called. A donation to the student lounge at their school hurts the feelings of a classmate badly. And absolute mayhem results when Zoey tries to spread kindness by interfering with the clients at her father's psychology practice.
When Zoey tries to correct or hide her good-deeds-gone-wrong, things go from bad to worse (if possible) and more trouble erupts in this hilarious "comedy of errors".
Although the teens learn from their mistakes, readers will be reminded of the adage, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions!"
New Brunswick author Valerie Sherrard has written many novels including "Counting Back from Nine", "Testify" and "Tumbleweed Skies".
** Recommended for ages 10 to 13 years.

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