A Fifty-year Silence
A Fifty-year Silence Love, War, and A Ruined House in France By Richmond Mouillot, Miranda Book - 2015

Wishing to get to the heart of the antipathy between her maternal grandparents, the author starts a journey back through time. Anna and Armand, stateless Jews who spend World War II in a Swiss refugee camp, have a very brief marriage that produces two children. Anna, a physician, and Armand, a translator at the Nuremburg trials, separate after the war. Anna goes to America while Armand remains in Switzerland. As the author grows up, she becomes more curious about her grandparents' story. The author's journey ensues when her grandfather wants to sell his house in France and needs his wife's permission to do so. As Miranda negotiates her way through this hostile situation, she acquires a French husband and learns the truth about her grandparents' war.

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