Aguirre, the wrath of God

Aguirre, the wrath of God

DVD - 2000 | German
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A few decades after the destruction of the Inca empire, a Spanish expedition leaves the mountains of Peru and goes down the Amazon in search of gold and wealth at the legendary El Dorado. The road to El Dorado is hard, and the troops face many difficulties such as the elements of nature, various Indian tribes and now Don Lope Aguirre, a ruthless man who only cares about riches.


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Apr 11, 2017

A cinematic masterpiece of madness, and lust for power amidst the jungles of the Amazon. A haunting, hypnotic film by the great Werner Herzog.

Apr 11, 2017

One of Werner Herzog's greatest and haunting films, with some of the most powerful acting you'll ever see by Klaus Kinski.

Apr 11, 2017

Great cinema for those people who have the ability to actually watch a great movie.
This is not a movie to be multi-tasked, viewer attention is required.
Critically rated as one of Cinemas masterpieces and I couldn't agree more.
Excellent Direction, Stunning Cinematography, Exceptional Acting, Plot and Dialog.
Cinematic Art for those viewers who actually possess an attention span.

Feb 05, 2016

A nightmarish journey along the Amazon, plagued by violence, lunacy, and deprivation, becomes an allegory on the foibles of human avarice. Aguirre, driven mad by visions of power, crowns one of his cohorts “king” while the church, represented by a cowering monk who also serves as narrator, tries to ingratiate itself to whomever wields the most power. Meanwhile the rest of the crew, seeing the preferential treatment afforded lord and commander, begin to reconsider their loyalties yet again. Time and nature eventually take their toll however, and in one of cinema’s most tormented sequences a raving Aguirre takes stock of his dwindling “empire”. Actually filmed on location aboard a small fleet of makeshift rafts, director Werner Herzog and company suffered through many of the same hardships as the characters in the story with a colossal battle of egos between pigheaded director and a temperamental Kinski becoming the stuff of cinematic legend. But the finished product is breathtaking with its glorious cinematography set off by a spare yet evocative musical score. Although the entire cast put forth memorable performances, Kinski’s depraved Aguirre dominates every scene—glowering and hissing like a pit viper, his lurching gait and crooked back calling to mind a Castilian Richard III. Culling whatever he can from his surroundings whether manmade or natural (a boat suspended from a tree provides a haunting visual while a troop of frantic monkey manage to upstage Kinski himself) Herzog spins a tragic parable whose occasional flashes of gallows humour only accentuate its funereal tone.

Oct 16, 2015

Believe me, considering this film's age (forty-three years) and that it's a foreign film, I really did try to cut it some slack - But, once the absolutely ludicrous decapitation scene took place, I just couldn't bring myself to rate this one any higher than 1.5 stars.

This is one of those films where I'm dead-certain that its director (Werner Herzog) must've told the entire cast (with the exception of Klaus Kinski) to simply not act at all.

More than anything else - Each one of these actors (except Kinski) came across to me more like an inanimate object rather than a real person. And even when they were struck with a deadly cut from a spear (or, whatever), their response was so painfully apathetic as to be almost nil.

And, speaking about Kinski - I found his bug-eyed, glowering character to be one of the most boring "movie-madmen" imaginable. And, with his pale, blond hair and baby-blue eyes, I wasn't even close to being convinced that his character was a Spaniard.

And, finally - This historical-adventure story (which was produced on a very modest $400,000 budget) could've easily had about 20 minutes edited out of its 94-minute running time and it wouldn't have made the least bit of difference to the coherency of its story.

Jul 31, 2015

This film is dark and slow moving. I consider it more "interesting" than "entertaining".
Although fictional, the film was based on the real Aguirre. So no big spoiler surprise that people die and such.
If you do watch the movie I recommend watching it a second time with the director's audio commentary track. It didn't make the movie more entertaining (for me) but it did make me appreciate what they went through to film the movie. I honestly found that more interesting than the movie itself.

CoolDog1 Jun 19, 2013

Thank you bookguy for defending this masterpiece of modern film making. I think sometimes when a film offends someone to the degree it seems to bother Michael, it says more about the "critic" than the film.

thebookguy Sep 10, 2012

Anyone interested in reading a serious comment about anything should avoid anything using the term "woopee!" (misspelled by the way, Michael). Aguirre remains a film still nominated in 2012's Sight and Sound once-a-decade poll of a thousand film critics and directors for a place in the Top 10 Greatest Films Ever Made! It didnt make it this time but it remains, along with Scorsese's greatest films, an Art Film Masterpiece, HUGO being just a recent Scorsese fun project. And Herzog a "nihilist"? Words here would just be inadequate........ woopee!

Mar 15, 2012

More Werner Herzog gloom & doom (see: COBRA VERDE) with Klaus Kinski once again, notably playing the mad hero (villain?) in the piece... zealously leading his band of explorers into a South American no-man's-land - in order to bring Christianity to bear on any inhabitants... but also to plunder its gold. Of course, Herzog's theme of nihilism is what's really at the heart of all this - and if you're not in the mood for intellectual inquisitiveness at the time you sat down to watch this movie - you're going to go 'ape' at the fact that, nothing really happens in the way of 'action'! It's a colossal bore! So, someone at OPL thought a film retrospective of Werner Herzog's movies was necessary... Woopee! How arcane! Next time - try someone more 'au currant' - like HUGO Director, Martin Scorsese. Now there's a cinema-auteur whose films are not only more relevant to today's OPL audience - there's something also 'going on' in all his movies too!

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