Camino Winds

Camino Winds

Book - 2020
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carolce Nov 13, 2020

My first Grisham and it was worth finally reading one of his.

Nov 04, 2020

Imagine being in a hurricane, with objects flying all over the place, and destruction everywhere. Now imagine you are a writer in the hurricane and your filing cabinet with all your plots and ideas of plots, disparate characters and places is caught up in the maelstrom. When you try to put it all together, it's a mess. But you have a book contract due, so you grab assorted pages and create a mad libs novel. The resulting pastiche is called Camino Winds. It has a lot of characters, a lot of plots and one familiar protagonist/character. The book lacks emotion, a cohesive plot, and no real heart. Still, it is a Grisham work, and despite all the negatives, it was an easy beach book type of read.

Nov 02, 2020

Boring...Boring...Boring Never thought I'd say that about a Grisham book. After finishing reading, it was difficult to remember the ending much less the rambling plot. Actually made me wonder if anyone edited this book.

Oct 17, 2020

This was one of the worst books I have ever forced myself to finish.

Oct 03, 2020

BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A total waste of time. Only made it through about a third of the way through hoping it would improve. Gave up as it got even more boring.

Oct 02, 2020

So predictable and formulaic. Nothing great about it.

Sep 28, 2020

This is not up to par for Grisham. The descriptions of the hurricane were great, but the characters and plot are flat. Overall, this book lacks tension. I liked Camino Island, but this one is a dud. Didn't finish.

Sep 27, 2020

Not typical Grisham but I enjoyed it. The possibilities it mentions are chilling and something we cannot afford.

Sep 14, 2020

Not very good. There's no clear plot. He's all over the place. You wait for a climax, but there isn't one. There are lots of references to his previous novel with this same main character - as though pimping that book.
A hurricane, murder, lots of tall, beautiful, blonde women, a nursing home scandal, a few deaths, his open marriage, trips here and there, lots of eating, drinking and guy talk. Ugh. Not my kind of book, but others seemed to have liked it.

Sep 02, 2020

I prefer Grisham's legal thrillers better than these murder mystery type stories that he has been doing, but it's still Grisham and it was still pretty good.

Aug 28, 2020

Enjoyable quick read with enough twists to keep you interested.

Aug 19, 2020

A breezy return to Camino Island with a chilling insight into a nursing home abuse issue. This is a new angle for Grisham and I appreciate the varied plots of his books. "The Guardians" was heavy on the courtroom drama end. This one begins with a murder for hire. I loved the theories of wannabe novelist Nick and the contributions he made to moving the investigation along. The local and state police don't come out looking too bright and shiny, unfortunately. There are interesting twists and turns with out friends from the first Camino Island novel with plenty of possibilities for a third down the road. I am giving this one an amazing rating for Grisham's creativity and ability to make me look over my shoulder when running errands. I will also be more vigilant should I need to look for a nursing home for a loved one in the future.

Jul 20, 2020

Perhaps Grisham is coasting a bit (and has done so in the past), but still an entertaining read, with hints of the righteous indignation due to an industry's corruption.

Jul 19, 2020

Another entertaining book from Grisham

The same cast of characters from the first Camino Island.

Enjoyed the book a quick read.

Jul 14, 2020

Grisham always makes for an interesting read. Maybe not his finest but definitely entertaining with enough twists to keep you on your toes.

Jul 08, 2020

All Interesting comments, mine will be slightly different. Wouldn't want to be repetitious.
As others have noted, it is a quick read. My take for why it was such a quick read, was because of so many returning characters from Camino Island. A book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading, being a book lover myself.
However the plot was thin, since there was really no new main characters to introduce save the victim. That said, I enjoyed revisiting the original cast of characters - now like old friends.
If you want to truly enjoy the story, read Camino Island first.
Which brings up the question, "will Grisham revisit any of his other characters?"

Jul 05, 2020

This was a very quick read but not a great read. I think John Grisham is going the way of James Patterson. They are churning out books with very little depth. At least John Grisham isn’t co-authoring with his writing. The plot is very simple. I finished it because I wanted to see how it would end. His earlier books are much better. Lets hope he’ll write like that again.

Jul 03, 2020

Can anybody tell me if this is any better than the first? I mean, in that one, if the main character had done nothing the outcome wouldn't have been changed one bit. It's like nothing mattered.

Jul 01, 2020

Very good, the book practically read itself and I was done in a day. I'm glad I got it from the library and didn't buy it as it's probably not one I would ever read twice.
The backstory of the guy running a bookstore (every bookaholic's dream) appeals to me and, if he writes another "Camino" book, I will read it.

Jun 25, 2020

Just average at best. This would be at least another 100 pages longer and more in depth if it was a British or Scandinavian book. It seemed more like he just hit the high spots, sort of like a synopsis of the story rather than the whole story. One can only stand so many dinner conversations among rich authors before it gets really boring. I think in general, based on his last few books with the exception of Gray Mountain, Grisham has lost his mojo. Maybe when his publishing contract runs out, he should think about living on his royalties and go volunteer at the homeless shelter. However, I admit I will continue to buy and read whatever he puts out.

Jun 16, 2020

good read - enough twists and strong plot to keep the pages turning. I did not enjoy Camino Islands but this one I quite enjoyed.

Jun 10, 2020

Okay, not bad way to pass the time. Quick, four hours, when audio played at X2 speed. Hurricane scenario is intersting. Solving unravels smoothly, not too surprisingly, just a few somewhat disturbing details. Wraps up in a nice little package. Main characters are males of a certain age.

Jun 05, 2020

Sequel to the 2017 Camino Island. The story once again centers around Bruce Cable, the bohemian bookstore owner, and his inner circle of friends/writers. Like Grisham's other novels, it opens very big with a Cat. 4 hurricane that is followed by a death and more deaths related to one real contemporary social issue. A bit slow and listless in the middle but picks up fast in the final chapters. A good read overall.

May 17, 2020

Another great Grisham book! Story stars slowly but picks up speed and has a strong finish!

May 09, 2020

"Camino Winds" is a stand-alone sequel to "Camino Island" with the same cast for the most part. I would have to say though that the most important character in this novel is a hurricane by name Leo. Leo ravages Camino Island leaving behind eleven fatalities. Is one of these a murder? The answer to this question plays a huge part in the novel and proves once and for all that the Pen is mightier than the sword. Not as good as the prequel but not bad . Don't read it on a windy rainy day.

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